I have been a High School coach for over 20 years and have forged working relationships with collegiate coaches and administrators nationwide. They keep me informed of the current performance based standards for attaining athletic scholarships and admission requirements. This will broaden our ability to serve more clients and eventually grow beyond the Chicago area market. I was a student-athlete on scholarship at a prestigious Division I University. I had the skills for recruitment and through trial and error, later obtained the skills to maintain my status as a scholarship athlete. An organization such as Full Stride would have better prepared me to handle the business side of collegiate athletics. This is one of my objectives in starting the company.

What We Offer

  • Recruiting student-athletes in the 8th grade and developing them athletically in Track & Field at the High School level, through their 12th grade year;
  • Developing competency in youth so that they become fully functional socially as well as athletically;
  • Mentoring and tutoring youth as a way of tracking their progress;
  • Promoting values related to accountability to self and their community;
  • Teaching the business of collegiate athletics and understanding the opportunities and responsibilities that accompany collegiate athletic scholarships;
  • Provide off-season training, development and tutoring;
  • Provide nutritional education;
  • Educate in the areas of biomechanics and physiology of the specific sport;
  • Aid in recruitment for scholarship or walk-on status;
  • Provide sport psychological services;
  • Provide certified athletic trainers as needed;
  • Provide certified coaches within the specific sport discipline;

Jeffrey L. Timms

President and Head Coach

Shawn Conley

Secretary and Assistant Head Coach

Lonzo Lowery


Karriem S. Watson, MD